June 19

What are the Inner Workings of a Man?

What are the Inner Workings of a Man?

Over the last decade the value of a man has been depleted through the beliefs of what others think. Many have come to believe that black men are worthless, violent, uneducated heathens.

Some women consider ALL BLACK men cheaters, dogs, and dead beat dogs without a doubt. While some find this to be true,  the good men feel like this is untrue and unfair. The purpose of the IWOAM Movement is to bring back the true value of men.

We aim to shine light on great men making moves in the community, while stepping into their roles of being fathers, teachers, and mentors. We will show others that black men still have an influential role in the home as well as the neighborhoods they live in. This website will highlight great men who are deserving of the award and give others something to aspire to. We will take young men and show them how important it is to become great men in this society. We will teach them that everyone they reach back and mentor is another life worth breathing into.

Watching great men turn others into great men will bring back the value of men, and that in itself is the true definition of the “Inner Workings of a man”.

-Earnest L. Johnson