March 21

About The Author

Earnest Johnson

Earnest L.Johnson was born April 7, 1980 in the inner city of Cleveland Ohio.  As a teenager Johnson was moved around from neighborhood to neighborhood where he inherited a street mentality, involved in everything from gang violence to drug dealing.

Instead of falling deeper into the streets Johnson chose writing and education as a way out. College was the key he used to move through the public ears while writing became his public voice.  Now Johnson is a Father, devoted Christian, Philanthropist, and author with his first title “Inner Workings Of A Man”.

“Inner Workings Of A Man” takes you deeper inside the life of Johnson as he deals with abuse, drugs, death, suicide, and the things that made him into the man he is today.

Now he is currently working on his second book while mentoring kids to become more of leaders instead of followers.  Teaching them that becoming successful while they’re young so when they become adults they can enjoy the fruits of their labor.